Bida cold rooms for correct preservation of the food stored inside them. The cold rooms are designed to meet the various requirements of the space, and are easy to assemble and disassemble.
The Bida Horizontal freezers for frozen products were designed to offer maximum presentation and simple access to the products on display. The glass covers reduce energy consumption for the food refrigeration cabinets.
The plug-in showcases were designed for neighborhood stores and offer the greatest convenience of movement, to ensure the frequently layout improvement. 
Traditional refrigeration cabinets from Bida are designed for displaying and selling fresh & deli food products, for both serve-over and self-service, and they are great accelerating the sales of fresh & deli food products. They offer excellent visibility to the products on display and real savings in terms of energy costs through the best technologically innovative solutions.
Bida condensing units were designed to respond to the requirements of all stores covering single compressor condensing unit and mega parallel compressors condensing units,  and ensure an increase of efficiency due to their green core, which is based on the use of natural refrigerants like CO2, in order to reduce their environmental impact.
Positive and negative temperature vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets are designed to put products on display centre stage, and the finest technical solutions guaranteeing a high level of energy efficiency. The maximum visibility and excellent merchandising drive purchases.


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