Energy Saving Solution Research

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In the beginning of 21 century, new retail industry developed fast as a representative to the supermarket and neighborhood store. As the sale part of the cold chain, there are more than 50% food on sale need to use frozen or refrigerated technology to be saved. And also, the refrigeration equipments are used to make food to be saved in a suitable cryogenic environment, in order to ensure the quality of goods and sales, display cabinets which is the sale terminals of the fresh food in supermarket, to become one of the essential display refrigeration equipment in supermarket, Display cabinets play an extremely important role in the food marketing chain. However, from the recent situation of the cabinets, its energy consumption is very large. No matter what technology that can improve the cabinets performance and reduce energy consumption will be well applied in the future. Therefore, take positive and effective measures to reduce the energy consumption of the cabinet will be very meaningful.

It is more and more important to reduce the energy consumption and overall system energy saving by improving the key equipments of the refrigeration system in remote refrigerated display cabinets.

1st, According to the energy efficiency limited value of commercial refrigerating appliances and relevant rules about the remote refrigerated display cabinet in energy efficiency standards, which make a load analysis to the refrigerated cabinet. Consider to the efficiency standard, proposing solutions to reduce energy consumption .

2nd, Setting reheat section in remote refrigerated display cabinets’ refrigeration system and compare with the refrigeration system without superheat section. Contrast the refrigeration capacity and energy saving effect. By theory and experiment proving, in R4o4a and R22 refrigeration system the reheat cycle system is favorable.

3rd, Make a thermodynamic analysis on the remote refrigerated display cabinet refrigeration system, by using the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In order to get the main energy consumption section, taking energy analysis on the refrigeration system, and make recommendations and solutions for improvement.

       4th, Using ESM inverter fan and LED cold light instead of capacitance fan and TS light. According to the relevant nation refrigeration Standard rules to test the display cabinet , testing the energy saving affection and energy efficiency grade, the energy efficiency grade of the testing display cabinet turn from 3 to 2. 


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