A product new launched

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A product new developed has been launched to meet the demand of future neighbourhood stores.

The future of the retail industry is shifting to the neighborhood stores to provide customers with quick solutions in a smaller, more user-friendly space and to provide more personalized services. In response, Bida launched RSG: a compact, semi-vertical showcase for small retail stores, small supermarkets and convenience stores to ensure better space and fresh food categories.

Promote sales through exciting introductions: Due to the special glass of the showcase and the store ceiling lights, the visibility of items is further improved to facilitate higher inventory rotation. Another advantage of the new cabinet is that it has two different depths of cascaded shelves with a gate gradient of 21°. This feature significantly improves the ergonomics of the cabinets and provides consumers with a perfect perspective on all products from all angles.

Due to possible infinite combinations (eg island configuration), more attractive presentations and new ideas for fresh foods, or placement on environmental shelves, RSG will have higher capacity and minimum footprint with a high level of versatility The combination of functionality provides sales opportunities.


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